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School Website Design

Budgets and pricing

Most schools have limited budgets for their new website. When you let us know the budget you have available, we can help you plan the best website you can have for your money.

We will tell you if you can get what you need for less money than you planned to spend. If you can save some of your money, then that is good for you and your school.

As a guide, a good school website typically costs around $3k to $5k, but we’ve built good school websites ranging from $800 to $20,000. Some schools spend a bit more, especially if they want their website to include special features unique to them.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. For schools, our hourly rate is $120/hr + GST. If your budget is say $5k, then we know we have around 50 hours or less to build your website.

And there are NO ongoing fees.

Our team is efficient, good and fast. We never waste time, and we’ll never waste your money. You only pay for the time we take.

Amazing and Responsive Website Designs

A fully mobile-friendly website is vital for all schools as more people access websites on their phones than on desktop computers.

Your new website will be built using the latest responsive technology so it works well on all popular devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

School websites are crucial for creating a good first impression. Before sending their children to a school, most parents are likely to take a look at the school’s website, so the primary goal of the site would be to convince these visitors.

That being said, your school website also needs to be informative and helpful for your current students.

What you can receive with your school Website


Easy navigation with a clean site structure and responsive design


Welcoming pictures and videos


Highlights of the facilities and the extra-curricular activities


An About us page with the history of the school and campus


A calendar, notice board or news section conveying all important updates and information


Self-manageable backend for easy modification

Our Web Design Process



Create in WordPress


Final Design



Your website design reflects your business, so it deserves to be treated with care. Our website design and development experts will listen to your goals. We know what it takes to give users a great experience—but the input you bring to the table is just as important.



Wireframing and prototyping is a key part of the website design and development process. It allows you to give us feedback, and see how your new website is progressing.


Create with WordPress

When you design a WordPress site with performance in mind your website will be able to run circles around the competitions out of the box pre-packaged websites. In trying to outrank your competition on Google these fractions of a second can make all the difference. 


And Done!

One you are happy with the final design and functionality, we will launch your website on one of our hosting plans, or another provider of your choice.

Updates and changes can be made easily by clients or we can assist with more complex requirements as your site grows.

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